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Judicial review launched by MASS & APIL

Posted: in Civil Litigation Team, General, Negotiations and Advocacy, Specialist High Value & Commercial Team by Michelle Barron.

Judicial review launched by MASS & APIL

In a joint statement MASS & APIL have said that,

“We also challenge the fact that the government appears to have accepted the insurance industry’s analysis that, if referral fees are banned, solicitors will make an unacceptable level of profit from cases run through the scheme.

“Fees in the current scheme were not calculated on the basis of referral fees. So, by consulting only with insurers, the government’s proposal to make these cuts is both unfair, and based on a misinterpretation of the facts.”

The government are already reviewing the date for introducing the extended portals but seem undeterred from implementing the reduction to the RTA portal fee.

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