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LAA announces go-live dates for rollout of online working

Posted: in by Michelle Barron.

Key dates for the switch to civil online working have now been set following a pilot with providers and counsel and consultation with representative bodies.

The first wave of providers and counsel will be emailed an introductory pack about the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) in the next few days.

This pack includes key dates for communications:

A phased rollout starts in the new year for CCMS which covers new civil and family certificated work:

  • week beginning 21 October 2013 – get ready for the online training by registering on the Provider Training website week beginning
  • 11 November 2013– online training to be launched for providers and counsel
  • 18 November 2013 – start of three weeks of engagement events for providers and counsel across England and Wales.

Rollout for providers

20 January Rollout to civil providers (with an organisational name starting with A-F)

31 March Rollout to civil providers (with an organisation name starting with G-Z or a number)

A three-month transition period has been built into the timetable for each phase but providers will be expected and encouraged to use the system at the start.

20 January Rollout to all counsel instructed by civil providers using the system

CCMS enables:

The system reduces duplication and errors and also means providers can benefit from:

Rollout for counsel

What the system offers

  • providers and their counsel to make legal aid applications and submit bills electronically
  • allows them to scan and submit supporting documents electronically
  • clients to pay us in new ways, e.g. credit and debit cards, payment reference cards and via direct debit.


  • limited postage costs and a single document scanning centre to send us information
  • more secure case and client information
  • direct DWP link for providers to check their clients’ benefits status

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