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Securely transferring documents directs to clients

Posted: in General by Michelle Barron.

Securely transferring documents direct to your client

What is My Wealth Cloud?

My Wealth Cloud is a revolutionary service that bridges the gap between the paper and the digital worlds. Like converting albums to iPods, My Wealth Cloud digitises all the personal papers in a client’s filing cabinet into an encrypted digital format that can be accessed online at anytime wherever they are in the world.

My Wealth Cloud for corporates ...

My Wealth Cloud is an incredibly smart way for firms to engage directly with their clients and elevate their visibility. It creates an effective interface for organisations to securely communicate and play an integral part in a client’s lifestyle with the capacity to personalise and brand folders. Benefits include:

• Communication - Direct, secure and unfettered communication with clients

Security - Fire, theft and flood proof

Branding - A company can brand a folder within every clients MWC filing cabinet

Perceived Value - High quality, sophisticated platform will strengthen client retention

Awareness - Enhance client awareness of additional corporate services

My Wealth Cloud as a Business Marketing Tool

My Wealth Cloud has been designed for companies to have a secure communication medium with their clients and at the same time provide them with a valuable digital filing cabinet. This gives the ability to upload documents directly into a client’s secure digital file, i.e. corporate newsletters, legal papers, property deeds, personal and commercial agreements.

Who is endorsing My Wealth Cloud?

My Wealth Cloud has been recognised in specialist and national publications including Spears Wealth Management, FT How to Spend It magazine, Management Today along with Tatler, The Spectator and the Daily Mail.

Who is offering My Wealth Cloud to their clients?

Private banks, law firms, investment managers, stock and insurance brokers, specialist retailers, all of which wish to keep their own brand highly visible and provide added value to their clients.

My Wealth Cloud has an expert team to provide full technical support and can personalise a system and manage any launch and on-going communications. To discuss your client loyalty marketing call 0203 416 5300 or email enquiries@mywealthcloud.com.


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