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Law Costs Draftsmen

Court cases can be expensive. Our team of law costs draftsmen specialise in settling legal costs, encompassing any form of legal matter. At Jennings, we provide law costs draftsmen experienced in matters of all values, sizes and complexities. Our team are skilled in the application of statutory law relating to legal costs, and with the system of legal fees. Learn more about law costs draftsmen below.

What is a law costs draftsman?

Law costs draftsmen is a type of lawyer that specialises in settling the legal costs of a court case. This includes any legal matter that involves costs. A significant part of the role involves the assessment of costs.

What is the assessment of costs?

A party’s costs are assessed so that the costs payable by one party to another may be determined. A formal itemised bill of costs is provided to the losing party. This outlines charges, expenses, costs and disbursements that the winning party claim the losing party should pay.

What does a law costs draftsman do?

Some of the areas involving law costs draftsmen are outlined below.

  • Inter partes costs, costs payable between parties. A detailed bill of costs is served when an unsuccessful litigant is ordered to pay the costs of a successful litigant, but the costs are disputed. A schedule of points showing the items in the bill under dispute is served by the paying party.
  • Solicitor’s fees, the costs of solicitors and clients. Should a client dispute his solicitors bill, a law costs draftsman may prepare a detailed bill of costs for assessment. The law costs draftsman may then argue for or against the bill, as instructed by the solicitor or litigant.
  • Legal Aid, publicly funded costs. A detailed bill is required before payment can be provided to the solicitor. This is usually required by the court, and the bill is often assessed without a formal hearing. An appointment may be arranged should the solicitor object to a disallowed amount.

Our draftsmen are full experienced in the detailed assessment of costs, bill of costs, points of dispute, budgets, settlements, solicitor fee’s, legal aid, cost hearings, preparing points of replies, conducting negotiations and any solicitor costs as controlled by statute and common law.

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